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                                   Beautiful Skin Is So Simple 

These are some of my favorite products that I use and review.   I am always testing new products.  Some I find exceptional.  It will hopefully give you some ideas if you are looking for something in particular to add to your regime.  I do not do the same routine everyday, but use what I feel my skin needs.   A skin care regime should be simple

I have to honestly say this is the best my skin has looked in years. I have always had an issue with some pigmentation, from childhood sun abuse..  Just like you, sometimes it goes and then it comes back again.    ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.

Capture Youth Water    It will firm, tone, lift, even the skin tone, hydrate, heal, and more.  It has really changed my face.

Viktoria De Ann
If you want to look younger, you must use these products as the basis every day. They are Peptide Messengers that work with your own Amino Acids.  They are not just a topical peptide product. They do the work with your Amino Acids and help to firm and tighten the skin.

Layer on my face or make a cocktail with each and apply AM and PM
Viktoria De Ann

The Viktoria De Ann eye Serum is the best in the world as far as I am concerned.  No more Botox:
Viktoria deAnn Pepti Lift
Viktoria deAnn Pepti Tone
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Correct  pigmentation
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Elastin for jowls and more tightening
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Hyaluronic for wrinkles and plumpling
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Pad  fills in the fat pad area where your skin is getting lax
Viktoria de Ann Ultra Rejuvenator before going in the sun for extra protection.and daily to help rejuvenate the skin.
Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Cream.  My favorite cleanser for over 20 years.
Removes makeup, cleans the face, leaves it hydrated.  Also excellent for oily and dry skin.

Milagro Skin Health
I have been using their Retinol, Vitamin C Regenerate, Scar Repair and Firming Face Lift.  My skin tone is more even.  Two spots on my cheek are greatly improved.  Even the doctor made no  progress.  Now they are almost gone.

Dr. J. Skin Clinic Multi Protection and Recovery Day Cream SPF 30+
This product is anti-aging, and healing.  Use it all day or into the night.  It has a light tint (choice of 3 colors) that will give you beautiful sheer natural coverage.  It is matte also, so no sunscreen shine. 

I use Osmosis Colour  Eye Shadow, Blushes, and Mineral Makeup

Love an occasional Martinni Mask to perk my skin up, Or Bio France Lab Gold and Pearl Peel Off Masks 

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