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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser 16 fl oz

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Botanlcal Body and Bath Cleanser
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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser

The whole family can use the original liquid botanical body and bath cleanser with a floral freshness, naturally invigorating. Is gentle enough for baby delicate skin. Skin appears to spring alive with a healthy glow and youthful look. Benefit from deep pore cleansing, no soap film residue on your skin, the tub or shower stall. Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser can also be used as a "wet shave" on legs, face, etc. A deep pore cleanser, it does not leave a film on the skin. Deep-pore exfoliation, cleansing abilities and natural astringent properties.

Gentle enough for babies bath water and and excellent medium for wet shaving legs and underarms.

May be added to bath water for a soothing mineral bath.

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