I have been extremely happy with Starlight and Intoxicating by Illlusia Prestigious Skin Care.  My skin looks so good.  My pigmentation is breaking up and slowly disappearing.

Starlight has so many hand selected healthy result oriented ingredients to help with pigmentation.  It helps break up the pigmented area.  It may take 6 weeks to see results, but it does work. 

Intoxicating helps shed the skin of its dead skin cells.   It is also very plumping and hydrating.  You can feel the dead skin cells coming off, yet your skin looks more luminous.    I have also used it on my California chest.  It is dark and damaged.  My chest  has improved nicely.  The dark damaged area gets smaller every day.

The products are all healthy ingredients.  No hydroquinone.  Just good high quality ingredients to benefit the skin.