Skin 2 Skin  White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash  4.0
Skin 2 Skin White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash 4.0

Skin 2 Skin White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash 4.0

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Skin 2 Skin White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash 4.1
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What It Does

Sulfate Free & Biodegradable Botanical Cleanser
  Deep Cleansing and Light Exfoliation
  Removes All Makeup (including eye makeup)
  Hydrates Softens Skin
Anti-Oxidant & PH Balanced

 How It Works
A non-drying facial cleanser that retains skin's natural oils as it hydrates, effectively ridding skin of dirt, impurities, and dead skin while killing bacteria and fungus. Anti-oxidants fight the effects of sun damage, minimize skin inflammation, target blemishes and improve skins overall appearance. Fragranced with natural essential oils, Dye Free Key Ingredients (and Essential Oils): * 3% Soy Glycerin - Hydrates skin and regulates water balance.

* White Tea One of the worlds most powerful antioxidants known. * Neroli Increases circulation and encourages healing as it gently exfoliates. * Jasmine Increases skins elasticity and promotes health new cell growth. * Orange Powerful antioxidant high in vitamin C assisting in cell turn-over and removing harmful toxins. * Spearmint A natural antiseptic that promotes cleaner, healthier skin while reducing acne and dryness. * Lemon Revitalizes mature skin and works to eliminate toxins deep within the skin. * Borgamot - An Antiseptic and astringent regulating the skins oils, toning and reduces acne / blemishes. * Also contains: 20 Certified Organic Extracts .


For best results cleanse face twice daily, morning and evening. Dampen face and neck area with warm water, apply two pumps onto the palm of your hand or a soft cotton face cloth starting at the neck and work up using a circular motion for one minute to remove dirt, face and eye makeup. Rinse well with warm, not hot, water which can dry the skin and remove natural oils. This product will last approximately 3 to 4 months depending on amount used. SaveSaveSaveSave

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