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Saian Kojic Acid 7.5 % 8 oz.

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Saian Kojic Acid 2 oz. 8 oz.
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Saian Kojic Acid 15%

Contains nontoxic natural whitening Alpha-Hydroxy Acids derived from a variety of fermented fruits (apples, grapes). Glycolic, Malic, Citric, Pyruvic and Lactic acids treat discoloration and hyperpigmentation on the skin, prevent hyperproduction of melanin and further activation of tyrosinase, thus blocking melanin synthesis for better control over skin tone & brown spots. Pyruvic acid induces both epidermal and dermal effects.

 Gel texture and extremely acidic pH allow this peel to uniformly and slowly penetrate the skin with only a very mild prickling sensation.This product can be used not only for discoloration, but is also excellent for treating dry, rough and flaky skin, as well as acneic and blotchy skin.

Suggested use twice per week, at night.   Leave on for a the allotted time and rinse.  Followed by your moisturizer.

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