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Saian Dasha Lash
Saian Dasha Lash

Saian Dasha Lash

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Saian Dasha Lash
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Feed and Nourish your lashes with revolutionary Saian Dasha Lash based on SymPeptides. This is a revolutionary new ingredient which transforms eyelashes, and fortifies the hair-noticeably intensifying one's expression.
Saian Dasha lash is a natural eyelash conditioning product and does not contain Prostaglandin, therefore it is absolutely safe to use for blue and hazel eyes. Saian Dasha Lash does not cause darkening of the iris, blurry vision or decreased vision.
Saian Dasha lash is simple to use-apply to the base of both upper and lower eye lids at bedtime as though you are applying liquid eyeliner.  It is also perfect for eyebrows.

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