Retinol Modified A and D Skin Conditioner 2 fl oz.
Retinol Modified A and D Fanie

Retinol Modified A and D Skin Conditioner 2 fl oz.

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Retinol Modified A and D Skin Conditioner 2 fl oz.
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You want results?  This is it!!!
See your sun- damaged skin improve almost immediately.  Not for sensitive skin.  Helps remove skin tags and old dead residue from your sun bathing days.  Use it daily until your skin adjusts to the product.  You might feel a slight itching while the dead skin exfoliates.  You can back off a day or 2 and then resume again. 
Retinol Modified Skin Lotion
To help diminish the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone and recapture your skin's youthful glow. Our original formula is rich in Vitamins A and D — the "fountain of youth" vitamins to tired-looking skin. Greaseless and odorless,
RETINOL MODIFIED SKIN LOTION glides on smoothly and penetrates in seconds. Uniquely balanced for use on all skin types. Use in concert only with other products in the FANIÉ skin care system.
Who should use it.
Clients of all skin types wanting to even skin tone and improve skin texture. Retinol is useful to people with oily skin problems, aged skin, sun-damaged skin , or who have appearance of fine lines.
How to use it.
Wash with White Oak Cleanser. You may experience a slight tingly or warm sensation immediately after use, due to activation of tiny surface nerve endings. When skin begins to slough (4 days to two or three weeks) patches of dry skin may appear. This may be easily relieved with the use of Encore Quickie Solution. May also be used on face, neck, chest, hands and arms.

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