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Pore Reducer  1 fl oz
Pore Reducer 1 fl oz

Pore Reducer 1 fl oz

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Pore Reducer 1 fl oz
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Pore Reducer
Finally, a pore reducer that produces visible results.FANIÉ PORE REDUCER works from within to tighten and close large pores gently and naturally. PORE REDUCER contains no alcohol, witch hazel or other harsh, caustic ingredients to deplete the skin of natural moisture. Apply after daily cleansing with WHITE OAK SKIN CLEANSER.
Clients with large pores, oil skin types and other can benefit from Pore Reducer.  Individuals who would like to refine the texture of their skin without using harsh products, or individuals with particularly sensitive skin can benefit form this product.  Also good for dry skin and large pores, since their is no alcohol.
After Cleanser or one of the Fanie Masques, apply with  a cotton ball.  You may apply your creme on top of it. 

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