Oxygen Face Cream   Karin Herzog
Oxygen Face Cream Karin Herzog

Oxygen Face Cream Karin Herzog

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Oxygen Face Cream Karin Herzog
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Oxygen Face Anti-Acne Treatment

Oxygen Face Cream For All Ages and Skin Types

This low-priced but very effective cream is excellent for teenagers. It purifies the skin and controls breakouts. Pregnant women may use this product safely as it contains no vitamin A. It is also wonderful to treat clogged pores. Use as a mask and follow by the Mild Scrub to help lift the sebum out of the pores. The Cleansing Milk also works well with this product.

This natural emulsion helps normalize the secretion of the sebum and maintains a balance of the hydro-lipid film. It tones, cleanses and gives fresh, radiant skin in an instant.
Containing 2% Oxygen to really detox and fight the bacteria that causes spots, oxygen face cream is a gentle but advanced skin regulator.

This cream is also very well suited to younger users: its non-oily texture means that there is no oily residue left on the surface of the skin. Its exceptional power resides in the fact
that it re-regulates skin which deviates from the norm during adolescence.


Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.
Apply only to skin that is thoroughly cleansed.

Special Note
Ideal for acne sufferers, this product is an important step in the Karin Herzog Acne Program. Used all over the facial area as a morning and night cream, with Vita-A-Kombi 3 cream used as a specific spot treatment.

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