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Nutri Tone   5 fl oz.
Nutri Tone 5 oz Fanie

Nutri Tone 5 fl oz.

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Nutri Tone 5 fl oz.
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Nutri-Tone Body Skin Lotion

Containing vitamins A, D, E, essential oils and many of the ingredients found in FANIÉ's other soothing body skin solutions, NUTRI-TONE is easy to use, non-greasy and exhilorating. It helps youthfulize and smooth skin, stimulates surface vascular activity, and even helps relieve aged skin of the chest, neck, arms and hands, feet, legs and body. It is a wonderful skin conditioner.
Penetrating lotion containing many natural essential oils and many herbal-derived vitamins and minerals to help nourish, condition, tighten and tone while moisturizing the body skin whenever it is applied.

Perfect everyday conditoner to help tone, condition and nourish body skin, for supple healthy, younger-looking skin. For men and women. Especially good for no-elastic type skin. Great for clients on diets and using the body wrap creme program weekly and maintaining with this unique lotion daily after bath or shower.
A favorite of the "USA" pageants nationally with the Contour Creme for home care.

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