Ken Simpson the CEO and Formulator for Skin 2 Skin Care  has some wonderful changes to his popular 24/7 product. In his words: 

 I have been working on the new improved formulation for 6 months / 12 really and it is amazing. This is just a little bit of what I have done: 1. I added an 3 New peptides and retired 2 old less effective peptides 2.One that specifically addressed the jowl line sagging that raconteurs the jowl line 3. New ingredient that is a natural Retinol alternative (plant) that is as effective as Retinol without the side effects and redness 4. New peptide lighter without that is more effective and works on all skin tones (nationalities) 5. Superox vitamin C that is 100 times more potent than a single orange vitamin C as a Anti-Oxidant and Collagen facilitator , plant and does not oxidize 6. Petite that works as a derma-filler and one that makes the skin look and function 5.5 years younger. If your 45 by the time you are 50.5 you skin looks and functions like it was 45 years old. 7.. Taken the water out and now the first ingredient is our own proprietary Aloe Vera Juice blend we make – no tap water used 8. Removed the Palm Oil based ingredients because the demand for Palm Oil is destroying the worlds rain forest and replaced it with Olive Oil based ingredients