Osmosis Stem Factor has always been a top selling product.  Now it is reformulated, taking it to a higher level.

The newly formulated StemFactor, available in June 2017, contains over 540 uniquely identified proteins, many of which are key elements that will take skin rejuvenation to the next level. In addition to hundreds of growth factors and cytokines, the formula includes actual stem derived molecules of collagen, elastin, superoxide dismutase (SOD), fibronectin, and many other critical cell proteins and antioxidants that are needed by the skin. This enhancement is a significant improvement to deliver results on a broader scale and more rapidly to the skin. These improvements, combined with the exosomes' delivery strategy, offer the ideal method to protect and enhance the penetration of the invaluable proteins.

StemFactor - New Formula
Recent evidence suggests that the production of elastin declines rapidly with age. A key building block in rebuilding elastin is tropoelastin which has previously only been available as a lab-creation. We are excited to announce that the new StemFactor contains tropoelastin and elastin.  These scarce molecules are stem cell derived in their original form so our skin will recognize and utilize them in wound repair and age reversal. 
Our formula also contains tropocollagen and collagen from stem cells, another amazing aspect of the new StemFactor.  Some of the collagen used in other competitive products are animal-derived and highly processed so that it is bioavailability non-existent. Your skin will now have access to high levels of micronized human stem cell derived collagen and tropocollagen that will dramatically enhance the overall results of this product. 

One of the most powerful measurements of an effective growth factor serum is measuring the protein content to ensure you are receiving optimal results. "Protein" includes all of the growth factors, cytokines and peptides, and it is a relatively easy measurement to quantify. This new formula contains 350% more protein than the next closest competitor.  The new StemFactor Serum also has clinical evidence of its efficacy and quantified protein count which shows critical growth factors in our StemFactor Serum that actively rejuvenate the skin at an incredibly high, active level.

Just as important as testing for efficacy is confirming the safety of the product.  We have tested the growth factors as it relates to cancer cell activation.  In the attached information, you will see the clinical trial that shows StemFactor does not encourage melanoma cell growth. 
The turbo-charged StemFactor Serum contains the highest level of 25% proteins and the price point is remaining the same suggested retail price. The 40-patient clinical trial research that is being presented demonstrates the amazing effectiveness in the skin; the results will speak for themselves