I want to share my experience with The Ageless Secret.  The energy water that works even though you cannot figure out how.  I have been using it personally for approximately one year.  I use it AM and PM religiously.

As a licensed Esthetician, I sell this product and also use it daily.  I use it mostly on my face and neck.  Sometimes on my chest area, even though I need to be more consistent with that.

For 20 years I have had a mole on my left toe about the size of a small eraser.  I noticed about a month ago, that it is completely gone.  I asked my Dermatologist if she could see it, and she could see nothing on my toe at all.  I have not used anything other than a moisturizer on my feet.  Nothing that would make my mole go away.

Next, I have become aware that my hands look younger.  The skin is more tight and the skin tone more even.   I was not looking for these results, I just became aware.

It came to me to call The Ageless Secret Company to see if this was possible.  Surprisingly it is.  I do not spray it on my hands, just my face and neck.  I do massage it into my face with my fingertips.   It is the way this water is constructed that it can do some wonderful things to my body.  I am not a scientist or chemist, so I cannot explain what happened.  I am just relaying my experience.  This is not a medical testimonial, just my experience.

I realize now that I am going to spray my hands and my chest area to see if I see more results.   I forgot to tell you that my chicken skin on my neck is completely gone, and the skin is smooth and clear in color.