I met Dr. Zein Obagi last night and found we agreed on many skin care issues.  I have never been a lover of Obagi products, as they are too harsh on the skin, so I was pleasantly surprised.

First let me say, Dr. Obagi has nothing whatsoever to do with Obagi products.  That product line was started in the 1980's.   Dr. Obagi wanted to take the company in a new direction and was not able to do so.   The board wanted to keep things as they were and Dr. Obagi wanted to move forward.  So they parted ways.  He has never looked back and in no way has any affiliation with Obagi Skin Care products.

His products now are called ZO.   I do not carry them.   They have much more healthy ingredients.  He does believe in a healthy approach to skin.  Dr. Obagi believes if you take care of your skin with the correct products, you do not need to have plastic surgery.   I 100% agree with this.  He believes that Botox is to be used only as needed, not as a run to product that so many women now do.  Too many people are over doing Botox and the bad results show in their face.

Dr. Obagi also feels women need to lightly exfoliate their faces and get the dead skin cells off.  This may be with a product that causes exfoliation, chemical peels with your physician or esthetician,  or light daily mild exfoliation products.   He feels exfoliation is key to beautiful skin.  He showed many before and after photos proving his point.

I always advise my clients to get rid of the dead skin cells so the beautiful skin from beneath may show through.  I carry many safe exfoliation products on my website