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Le Mieux Iso-Cell Recovery Solution  2 oz, 6 oz, 16oz
LeMieux Iso Cell Recovery

Le Mieux Iso-Cell Recovery Solution 2 oz, 6 oz, 16oz

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Le Mieux Iso-Cell Recovery Solution 2 oz or 6 oz

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Iso-Cell Recovery Solution  6oz

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A unique formula recommended for cleansing and providing supplemental nutrients for wound care. It mimics the composition of blood by providing nutrients from the outside, while complementing the bloodstream work from the inside. The benefits are accelerated healing process and retention of moisture for tissue regeneration. Excellent solution for post Microdermabrasion and post peel application.

Also excellent under makeup.  Gives your mineral makeup a wonderful glowing look.

Description: Over 300,000 bottles sold! Discover why Iso-Cell Recovery Solution is the miraculous MUST-HAVE solution for rosacea, inflammation, healing, and post-procedure recovery.

  • • Healing minerals:
  • • Genius mixology recipes to treat inflammation, rosacea
  • • Miracle solution for post-procedure recovery
  • • Relief for wounds and everyday skin stressors


Spray or apply on affected area to soothe irritation and condition damaged skin. Re-apply as often as needed. Remove excess liquid with a clean gauze pad if necessary. Avoid eye area. Recommended for all skin types.

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