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Karin Herzog was recently in a new published placement featuring the Vita-A-Kombi with AHA and Vita-A-Kombi Oil in the spring issue of Audrey Magazine (circulation: 10,000). This is a fashion and lifestyle monthly publication focusing on the interests of Asian American women.
The VAK with AHA was highlighted in the Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids section as a “A potent cream that combines the line’s patented active oxygen technology, which flushes out toxins, with citric acid, salicylic acid and vitamin A.”
In addition, the VAK Oil was featured in a Soothe Your Skin with Oil section and the editor highlighted ingredients and suggested applying “a few drops before the Vita-A-Kombi — in addition to vitamins A and E, the jojoba oil balances oil production, hydrates and is safe for acne-prone skin.