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Karin Herzog Facial Oil Professional

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Karin Herzog Facial Oil Professional
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This oil's slick texture provides a light, protective barrier betweenyour skin and your razor to prevent nicks, cuts and razor burn while allowing for an unbelievably close shave. Plus, its aromatherapeutic, masculine fragrance invigorates the senses and leaves the skin smelling fresh.

Shaving Oil

A delicate, light oil to enable the razors blade to glide smoothly across the skin without dragging.

Used as a pre-shaving medium this oil will soften, condition and protect the skin from potential razor burn and can help prevent cuts and nicks. Light enough to allow just the right amount of contact between blade and skin, this herbal based oil offers an exceptionally close shave and soft, velvety baby smooth skin.

Herbal contents:

Sage to treat inflamed and oily skin and stimulate and strengthen hair growth.

Thyme for its anti-bacterial, and anti infectious properties and for helping to heal skin rashes and irritation.

Eucalyptus known for its de-congesting properties and also its ability to help burns and prevent infection. Additionally this herb has antiseptic and deodorant qualities.

Chamomile is included for its calming, nurturing and soothing action and to aid healing, whilst a base of rich and soothing Almond and Avocado oils ensure a light but nourishing oil, ideal for shaving.

Recommended application:

Apply a small amount of shaving oil to the skin before shaving. Follow with a thin film of Herzog's Oxygen based shaving cream for ultimate results to heal, repair, detox and anti-age. A dynamic combination for unparalleled results!

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