Is it pigmentation or Pre-Cancer.   Only your doctor can tell you that.   If you have some pigmentation spots you have been treating and they do not seem to be improving, you may want to have your Dermatologist take a look.

I have to be screened often for my skin.  I am very fair and over did the sun growing up. Even though not in the sun for 30 years, I am always growing something new on my body or face.  All from my younger years in the sun.   All sun damage from your childhood and younger years, comes up and starts appearing after the age of 40.

I just went in to my Dermatologist to have a few spots burned off.  One on my face, he said was pre-cancerous.  It was stubborn and never lightened up when I treated it for pigmentation.  We burned it off, and now have to watch.   When in doubt, check it out.