My hands have always looked the same. As a child they were large and I had loose skin across the knuckles. I had what I called chicken skin. I had what I called chicken skin. Today they still look just as I described. I must say my skin is very soft and hydrated. I make sure to use the right products to keep them that way. My favorites. Karin Herzog 3% Body Cream and Meg 21 Hand Treatment. Both very effective. The products penetrate the skin and do not just sit on top of the skin. They stay hydrated all day.

 I have been using Ageless Secret Gold approximately 1 year. Mostly on my face and neck. Sometimes I spray my hands and I also massage the Ageless Secret into my skin. Lately I have been noticing how pretty my hands look. Firm, tight, no chicken skin. The skin over the knuckles is much tighter. I realized it is the Ageless Secret Gold that made the difference.

 I might add it made the same difference on my neck. My chicken skin is gone and my neck is so much tighter. This is my experience. I am hard to impress, but I must say I am very impressed.