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Hotdot   1/4 fl oz.
Hot Dot Fanie

Hotdot 1/4 fl oz.

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Hotdot 1/4 fl oz.
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Consists of a revolutionary blend of ingredients for topical skin problems such as zits, hidden pimples, blackheads, whiteheads.
The effortless way to a flawless complexion. HOTDOT softens, loosens and helps lift impurities from the skin without "squeezing" or steaming. Use at bedtime after thoroughly cleansing with FANIÉ herbal cleansers. 1/4 fl. oz.
Who should use it? Anyone having blemish problems,especially is skin is oily or has special problem areas. For face, chest, back , etc.
Directions for use: Cleanse with White Oak Cleanser. After dip Q-Tip into the gel, spot lit over the head of the skin eruption and allow to penetrate. Will experience a pseudo heat sensation at the site of appllication, which will stop in a few minutes. Hot Dot should be wiped off the skin with a dry cloth or cotton ball at the completion of the heat sensation.

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