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Herbal Oil    1 fl oz.
Herbal Oil 1 fl oz.

Herbal Oil 1 fl oz.

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Herbal Oil 1 fl oz.
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Herbal Oil
This extraordinary herbal seed skin oil is heavier viscose oil for a gentle rolling massage technique under the Fanie Skin creme of choice on extra dry skin.  As a side effect it excels in its own lightening abilites, progressively fading dark and brown spots on the skin while conditioning the skin naturally.
A blend of essential herbal seed oils.  It cntains no waxes, paraffin's or animal fats and is fractured t nourish cleansed pores from the inside out.
May be used on the face, hands, arms, chest and neck, where skin discoloration's are most noticeable.  It can also be added to any of the Fanie skin cremes for added benefits of evening out skin discolorations boosting the skin creme's humectants ability.
How to use:
Apply directly onto brown spots daily, after cleansing athe skin with Fanie White Oak Cleanser.

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