How to get rid of wrinkles? Peptides. That is the answer. You must use them twice per day for results. I call them the miracle ingredients

Peptides relax the muscles similar to Botox.  You can see it the longer you use them The wrinkle starts to flatten out.   It can take peptides 28 days to start working so don't be in a hurry.  It will happen. 

A good example.  I had some lines over my left eyebrow.  When my cat Crouton was ill, I spent a good 6 months sleeping in various positions that caused the wrinkles.  After he died, I realized how bad the wrinkles were.  I was using Peptides twice per day. The wrinkles did not seem to be changing, so I was a little frustrated.  I personally am not a Botox lover, so that was not an option for me. 

I forgot about the wrinkles and did not think about them.  Then I realized one day all the wrinkles were completely gone.  My skin was smooth and even.  

I do have to say Peptides are something you need to stay on.  If you stop using the Peptides, the wrinkles will come back.  The same as stopping Botox.  The wrinkles will return.  So daily use twice a day is a small price to pay for wrinkle free.