If you have ever had Milia, you will know what I mean when I say "fighting Milia".  It is a struggle if you have a predisposition to them.

Some Milia is heredity, some people call them cholestrol deposits. Also clogged pores and on and on. They are a pain. Usually you need to go to your Esthetician or Physician to have them removed. It is not comfortable.

I carry several products that can help with this issue. Illusia Prestigious Skin Care has a product called Intimidate. Use it nightly and your Milia will disappear and hopefully will not come back. Countless people have had great success with this product. I was introduced to the product line by a nurse that completely healed her Milia with Intimidate.

Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream will not heal Milia, but it will soften up the sebum for easier removal. Plus it kills the bacteria that causes breakouts.

 Rena Levi Amazing Scrub used once or twice per week will help remove or lessen Milia over time, plus help exfoliate the scarring.

 As a licensed Esthetician, I love to find products that honestly work. I am always testing new products that are effective for my clients