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Fanie Mini Microdermabrsion Skin Care System

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FANIE Mini-MicroDermabrasion Skin Care System Comes Home
"Seeing is Believing" - No promises, just results!

A revolutionary breakthrough in FANIÉ home care with water-soluble penetrating Vitamin C Crystal Crème. Try this new FANIÉ skin care technology that will provide amazing, progressive and lasting results you can see & feel. Works on face, neck, chest, hands, arms, feet and body.


By using the FANIÉ Mini-MicroDermabrasion Unit in conjunction with your FANIÉ skin care product regiment, you can reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pitted skin. This amazing combo helps moisturize the skin and may help reverse skin damage and discoloration, including minimizing brown spots as well as helping diminish the appearance of stretch marks and to create the appearance of healthy skin texture.

Mini-MicroDermabrasion Skin Care System
    Easy to use, this complete package contains: Battery operated FANIÉ Mini-MicroDermabrasion unit, 2 soft washable sponge applicators, brush attachment for hand & foot care.  Crystal Creme with Vitamin C, Callous Crystal Creme, Sweet Birch Herbal Body Skin Cleanser, Sateen-Velvet Hand and Body Lotion, spatula and complete instructions, spatula and complete instructions.

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