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Fanie 4 Piece Masque  Kit
Fanie 4 Piece Masque Kit

Fanie 4 Piece Masque Kit

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Fanie 4 Piece Masque Kit
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If you want to look younger for special occasions or anytime, 4 Products come in my kit. 

Masque One
Tru Skin
Fan Brush
1 Measuring Spoon 

Mix the Masque One with Tru Skin, You want it to be a thin paste and easy to apply.  Apply in an upward manner.  Also apply on upper eyelids.  Once mixed, apply immediately, as it will start thickening.  Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.  You will feel your muscles being massaged and a slight twitching.
This masque really works.

If you use this masque once a week, you will notice significant firming.  It is cumulative.  The more you use it, the more firm you will get.

You may also use this mask several times per week under the eye area.  It can help with dark circles and fine lines.   For dark circles, I would suggest using
 Unveil Skinsation.  It heats up the area and helps with the blood flow

Many of the top beauty pageants use this mask for firming the skin quickly.  Use it before any special occasion, and of course weekly.

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