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Facial Gel   4 oz JoElla Milan
Facial Gel 4 oz JoElla Milan

Facial Gel 4 oz JoElla Milan

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Our Face Gel is a natural cleanser and moisturizer making it the ideal skin care product for your face and and or body.
You may use it to cleanse the face or massage in for your moisturizer.  It is is healing, hydrating and firming.  Perfect with your skin care devices that call for gel.
This oil and fragrance free gel is developed from natural spring water infused with precious ions Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium. Our water-based gel nourishes your skin and locks in moisture for a fresh glow all day long.

Our water-based gel nourishes your skin.  Maybe used in the hair also.  Massage it in.

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