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Express Effect  Karin Herzog
Express Effect Karin Herzog
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White Morning   Karin Herzog
White Morning by Karin Herzog is specifically designed for people looking for a gradual solution, without side effects, to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots and uniform skin tone.
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White Evening  Karin Herzog
White Evening Karin Herzog
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Professional Cleansing Winter Edition, Karin Herzog
Karin Herzog NEW winter season try our new luxury professional cleanser
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Eye Care Kit, Karin Herzog
Eye Care Kit, by Karin Herzog work perfectly together providing deep hydration, vitamins A and E to plump, lift and open the eyes, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and beautiful!
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Karin Herzog Kit Home Spa
Karin Herzog, This pretty kit combines 2 Karin Herzog products with our new girly electronic bush. Ideal for taking care of your skin anywhere!
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After Shave, Oxygen Treatment For Men, Karin Herzog
After Shave, Oxygen Treatment for Men, Karin Herzog.Patented after-shave treatment for men with 1% active oxygen, vitamin A and vitamin E fragranced with invigorating citrus oils.
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