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Eye Cream 0.42 oz.  Karin Herzog
Eye Cream 0.42 oz. Karin Herzog

Eye Cream 0.42 oz. Karin Herzog

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Eye Cream 0.42 oz. Karin Herzog
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Nourishing without being oily, this excellent eye cream erases fine lines, brightens the eyes, relaxes and reduces swelling in tired eyes.

.Karin Herzog’s Eye Cream contains 0.5% active oxygen, and is clinically proved to delivery oxygen through all three layers of skin. Oxygen increases circulation, detoxes and energizes so the eye cream has an amazing effect on dark eye circles. It also contains vitamins A and E, B3 plus water to hydrate the area.

Special Note

It helps decongest and relax the eyelids and the skin around the eyes, so preventing dark circles.

It is a particular aid in the reduction and prevention of fine lines and provides an ideal hydro-lipid film for maximum comfort.

How To Use  Morning and night, apply to the area all around the eyes and the eyelids, without massaging into the skin.

When using any of the Herzog oxygen products, please avoid contact with the eyebrows. The oxygen within this product takes hair a shade lighter over a period of time.

By The Way

This product is also excellent for the lip area, and can be applied alone or over Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil for a more intense treatment. Used regularly it will help to plump up the lips, firm the area and reduce and retard fine lines.

Following pregnancy, this product is effective in the treatment of sore or cracked nipples. The oxygen in the cream promotes quick healing of the area, and helps kill bacteria on the skins surface.

Dark Circles

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, we have the answer. De-oxygenated blood is blue – and is what can cause those annoying dark circles.

The skin around the eyes is delicate, thin and translucent, which means it shows the color of the underlying blood clearer than any other part of the body. In people whose blood is less oxygenated the blood shows darker and more blue in tone – giving you that tired look.

Apply morning and night to the eye area without rubbing in. You only need a tiny amount of this wonder cream for every application, meaning one tube should last you for 6 months.

Key Ingredients

      0.5% Hydrogen peroxide

      Vitamin A

      Vitamin E


      Rosewood Oil

      Sesame Oil


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