By: Rena Levi

There are two kinds of serious exfoliation:

1) The type that is performed on the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, by a qualified esthetician, and 2) the type performed on the dermis or primary layer of skin by a physician.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are widely used to exfoliate the epidermis. However, these acids are not friendly to the skin, regardless of the color of the skin (e.g. pigmentation).

AHAs cause redness and itching on the epidermis and thin this outer protective layer of skin, which results in increased sensitivity to the sun. AHAs are effective as an aid to exfoliation by creating new cell growth and increased collagen, but the beneficial results are short-lived. After repeated AHA treatments, the thinning epidermis becomes dull and the skin loses its natural, healthy glow.

Ethnic skin types have their own particular needs, which vary from individual to individual. For example, over 70% of ethnic males have special needs with ingrown hair. Because their hair follicles grow in a spiral, they tend to curve back into the skin after shaving, which creates the potential for infection and hyper-pigmentation. When attempting to exfoliate darker skin, AHAs are not recommended because the acids can cause irregularities in the pigmentation of the skin, which can result in splotchy or uneven skin tones.

Therefore, I have created unique formulations that do not use AHAs or other harsh ingredients.

These ACID FREE products are safe and effective for all skin types - even ethnic skin.

The Rena Levi Deep Herbal Peel and Rena Levi Amazing Scrub are two proprietary products that are available through salons and skin care professionals to safely exfoliate the epidermis and restore skin to its natural, healthy glow.

Daily use of mild polishers such as The Vanishing Act Soap and Bamboo Exfoliating Cleanser provide continuous exfoliation and cleansing, which result in healthier skin - no matter what the ethnicity or gender or skin type.