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Essential Mask   Karin Herzog
Essential Mask Karin Herzog

Essential Mask Karin Herzog

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Essential Mask Karin Herzog is a double blast of Oxygen. It hydrates, firms, lifts tones, wakes up tired skin. It is the ultimate cream. Use as a mask, overnight, or as a moisturizer.
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A face-lift in a tube
, with a beautiful fresh aromatic fragrance of mandarin, bilberry, grapefruit and orange.
2% oxygen combined with vitamin A and trace elements give this mask a “radiance boost” guaranteed effect that tones tired skin,
redefines the facial contours and effectively combats skin problems.

Radiance guaranteed! This mask, designed to procure a fresh, superb complexion, is an essential complement to the formula developed by Dr Paul Herzog.

The subtle combination of top quality and well tolerated essential oils with this exceptional product procures an avant-garde, de luxe beautifying formula.
The Grapefruit:
fresh, it stimulates and tones the tissues with a nice little lemon scent. Especially indicated for oily skins. The Orange: sunny smell for this
essential oil which is suitable for every skin types. The Tangerine: known to prevent and reduce wrinkles and aging signs, this beautiful essential oil will please
you with its sweet fragrance.

Great flight cream when you travel. Also use after microdermabrasion treatments to help calm and hydrate the skin.

The “Essential Mask” helps reduce a tired, taut appearance and ideally should be used 10 minutes prior to applying your make-up,
if you are going out in the evening! The results are guaranteed!

You may also use as a moisturizer.  Apply a small amount  and  pat into the skin. Sleep in it.  At least 2 times per week, apply as your moisturizer after cleansing. 

You will wake up refreshed and beautiful.  If you live in a dry client, this is a must for you.



One of my most favorite treatments to do is use Karin Herzog Mild Scrub, rinse, the apply the Essential Mask as your moisturizer for the day.  Your skin will be soft and hydrated.

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