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Dr J Pure Organics Skin Brightening Serum 1 oz

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Dr. J Pure Organic Skin Brightening Serum contains the standardized certified organic complex which is licorice, Cili, and Kiwi Extracts. This skin brightening complex effectively inhibits tyrosinase for skin brightening.

Main Ingredients, standardized skin brightening complex patented by DRJ Organics
35% Glycrrhizin from licorice.
20% Vitamin C from Cili Fruit
5%  Vitamin C from Kiwi Fruits

Directions:  Apply to clean skin and gently massage into desired area,until completely absorbed.

Licorice Extract, Cili Fruit Extract, Kiwi Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Grape Alcohol, Mulberry Extract, Pomegranate Extract,Blackberry Extract,Rose Geranium Extract,
Lavender, Willow Bark Extract.
For anti-aging, try using with the Dr. J Pure Organic Rejuventating Serum
For more help for pigmentation, use the Dr. J Pure Organic Vita C 20% or Vita C Peel.

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