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Dr. J Pure Organic Organic C Powder Kit

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Organic C Powder Kit

is especially formulated for anti-aging and wrinkle control.  It consists of USP Grade vitamin C powder and Pro C Activator.

This activator contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and kojic acid, a combination that can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines while improving the skin's brightness, hydration and smoothness  

Clinical Results

*85% decrease in fine lines
*95% increase in skin hydration
*98%improvement of skin texzture
*75% increase in skin brightness
*92% reduction of blemishes

Comes in a bottles and activator.  You mix it as you use it.  For those of you that do not want your vitamin C to oxidize, this keeps it fresh.

Active Ingredients

L-Ascorbic Acid 20%
USDA Organic C Activator (Mulberry, Blueberry
 Licorice and Green Tea Extracts  80%

All skin types
To improve skin brightness, hydration and texture, and to reduce fine lines and skin irritation.

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