I am always receiving emails on products you either see on TV or infomercials. Most of the products advertised, I would show caution before purchasing. These products that say apply and watch your skin firm before your very eyes are temporary fixes. They last as long as the product is on the skin. Many of these products, so not dry very well and you have even more lines showing. You may not move your face until the product is completely dry. If you do move and make a crease, it is there for the day. 

 Also watch out for the advertisements that say pay $4.95 and receive your product right away. These are sold my Affiliate marketing people. They receive a commission when you purchase. Once you receive the product in the mail, you have a very short time to stop them from charging you the full price on your credit card. Then you will be charged monthly until you do stop it if you can find the people. I would run fast from these ads. In this day and age, there are some amazing products for anti-aging. Peptides are the new ingredient to soften those lines and have more youthful skin. Make your own skin look beautiful and not have to rely on a Quick Fix