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Callous Cream 4 fl oz

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Callous Cream 4 fl oz
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Callous Creme

For the look and feel of satiny soft feet, elbows or knees try this amazing crème, developed to soften calluses, allowing for the non-evasive removal of callous with a pumice stone. For optimum results, it is suggested to soak feet in a tepid bath of FANIÉ Sweet Birch Body Cleanser before applying Callous Crème according to instructions.
It is useful for clients that go barefoot or wear sandles, to make feet softer, smoother and more atrractive. Callous Creme dissove calluses without cutting or scrapping.  It is great for people iwth speccial skin problems diabetes and other health problems where scrapping and cutting could be dangerous. 
Soak feet for 15 minutes.  Apply Callous Creme with spatula around the entire bottom of the feel , toes and heels.  Wrap each foot separately in plastic wrap and cover each foot with a terry towel.  After 20 minutes, unwrap the plastic and discard prompltly.  Gently buff each callous foot areas using he miracle stone gently, then thouroughly rinse feet with warm water. 

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