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Brow Gel   Osmosis Colour
Osmosis Colour Eye Gel

Brow Gel Osmosis Colour

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Osmosis Colour Brow Gel smudge proof gel formula helps shape and color brows
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    Brow GelBrow Gel


Water-resistant, smudge-proof gel

This water-resistant, smudge-proof gel formula lets you fill in, shape, and color brows. Count on Osmosis Brow Gel for coverage that will last all day and night.

Tips & TricksGluten-Free

Size: 4 g

Oncology Friendly

This product is Oncology Friendly

The recommendation and use of these products should be done by professionals trained in Oncology Skincare to ensure safe and effective use. Some products may not be recommended for certain types of cancer of during certain stages.

Water-resistant and smudge-proof ~ This long-wearing brow gel is great as a natural-looking liner too!

Can be used as a brow gel colorant by dipping a clean mascara wand into your brow color and painting the brows the desired color. Great for covering grey hairs.

Make sure the cap is closed tightly after each use to avoid drying out the formula.

Special Care for Eye Pencils and Brow Gels

Our Eye Pencils and Brow Gels continuously get rave reviews about their ability to be highly water resistant with easy to glide on applications. To maintain the performance of these products it is necessary to keep the caps sealed tightly when not in use. Should over exposure of air occur, these products will quickly dry out and performance may be jeopardized.





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