Mina Kim is the CSO of Dr. J Skin Care.   She honestly has the most beautiful skin you have ever seen.  Very clear, even toned and luminous.  She shared with me that years ago she had pigmentation.  Using the Dr. J Products have completely transformed her skin.Mina is a very elegant woman.

I asked Mina if she had any beauty tips for my customers:

My beauty tip is that to maintain a youthful skin is,  you have to put an  endless effort to your skin.  Many people think that you apply a certain products for few month and your skin will change.  Yes it will change but if you do not maintain it for rest of your life,  ageing process will be faster.  Our body  ages every minute and every second.  By applying proper skincare products with right diet and excercise will slow down the ageing process.  It's just like working out. If you stop, your body will  be weak.

Applying Vitamin C or Green C Powder Forte  and safe SPF will help you to stay young and beautiful.