Ken Simpson President and Formulator for Skin 2 Skin Care sent this over. Beauty Editors are falling in love with Skin 2 Skin Care!

 Skin 2 Skin Care sent the Editor of Fashion Affair a White Tea Face Wash and Aging Intervention and she fell in love with our product “I am loving Skin 2 Skin Care products” . She was so excited that she rushed us into the January issue after the cutoff date. Giving us a 2 page beauty editorial placement for Skin 2 Skin Care Sexy Skin Introductory Travel Set, 30 day supply.

 Skin 2 Skin Care Sexy Skin Intro Set
an introductory and travel size set of the 4 most popular products to get started with that sexy skin at any age. White Tea Face Wash Aging Intervention Cream Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum Revitalizing Eye Gel