Are Your Skin Care Products Working.  Are they penetrating the skin and doing their job?   Have you ever noticed your skin does not look good.  It can be dehydrated or wrinkled. Then you apply your skin care products and you look so much better.  Later when you remove the products, you are back to not looking good again.  Could it be your skin care products are not penetrating?

Some products just do not go into the skin period. They sit on the top of the skin and when you clean your face, they are gone.  I use to know this woman that looked older than her age. When she applied her skin care creams she looked good.  If you saw her without makeup, her face reverted back to the aged wrinkle look.  Her products were not penetrating and doing anything beneficial for the skin.

That is one reason I love peptides.  When created properly and used over time, your wrinkles relax.   As long as you use your skin care products, you will see this benefit.  Peptides to me are a miracle ingredient.  You take a skin care line such as
 Viktoria De Ann, they grow their own peptides in the Lab.  Once applied to the skin, they work with your own Amino Acids and create your own Peptides.  This is why the results are beyond amazing. 

Certain Retinol ingredients can even the skin tone and help with firming. again over time, your skin will look good without makeup. 

If you use the proper skin care products, you may prolong plastic surgery or not have it at all. Look at so many of these celebrities right now that have completely changed their face with botox, fillers, surgery etc.  Some of them do not look good. Using the right products could have helped them.

We offer so many excellent products, with excellent ingredients that can change your face for the better.  You need to commit to a good 60 to 90 days to see a difference. It does not happen overnight.