Are you impatient with your skin care products?  Do you expect miracles overnight?   Any good product that makes changes in your skin takes time. Some products make your skin look good when you apply them.  They are topical and sit on your skin.  You may have temporary hydration or firmness.   What happens when you wash your face?  Most of the results wash off.  You need your products to penetrate to make changes.

Peptides take time to work.  At least 28 days for a start.  They are literally changing the skin.  They relax the wrinkles and soften them so that they are either gone, or so light you do not notice them.  Retinols can even the skin tone, but it takes time.  They help with anti-aging, so you will notice changes slowly.

If you have large pores, you need to exfoliate, and use products that help close the pores.  I notice many women with large pores using products that only hydrate the skin.  That is not going to help.  You need to clean out those pores so they can shrink.  If you naturally have large pores, you need to use a product that will help tighten them. I use to have large pores even though I cleaned my skin.  Now they are tight and clean. It just takes the right products.

So bottom line, give it time.  The products that take a little longer, make the most difference in improving your skin. You need to keep using them to maintain your changes.

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