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Apricot Oil Karin Herzog

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Apricot Oil Karin Herzog
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The age-old qualities of apricot oil are widely known and appreciated. That is why Karin Herzog has included in her range an apricot oil, pure, soft and a natural complement to Vita-A-Apricot anti-wrinkle cream.

To give you an idea of the properties of apricot oil: naturally rich in vitamins A and E, apricot oil also has the highest concentration of polyunsaturated acids. Applied alone on the skin, therefore, Apricot Oil is wonderfully softening and nourishing, without being oily.

If applied before Vita-A-Apricot cream, Apricot Oil, thanks to the presence of its numerous polyunsaturated acids, has amazing defensive and preservation qualities, as well as hydrating* and regenerating properties to enhance your skins beauty.

If your skin is tired and has a tendency to look withered, Apricot Oil and Vita-A-Apricot provide the ideal solution to your expectations.

* hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis

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