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Apricot Creme  2 fl oz.
Apricot Creme by Fanie International

Apricot Creme 2 fl oz.

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Apricot Creme 2 fl oz.
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Apricot Cream
A light smooth creme with a delicate, natural fragrance and pink-orange tint.  Rich with natural moisturizing agents.  The helps skin retain natural moisture to keep it supple and soft..
Contains extracts form avocado pulp and apricot  oil.  Apricot Creme's superior moisture retention properties do wonders for dry skin on face and neck. Will not clog pores or leave a greasy film on the skin.
Recommended  for men and woman of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.  It is wonderfully light and refreshing for moisture-depleted skin.  Very gentle .  Many clients that are allergic to other skin care preparations, usually can use this creme with success.
How to Use it:  Apply Apricot Creme daily to pre-cleansed skin.  It is good for dry to normal skin types.  The protective moisturizer helps keep make-up fresh and skin supple with a dewy complexion look

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