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Accent Masque 2.5 fl oz.
Accent Masque Fanie

Accent Masque 2.5 fl oz.

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Accent Masque 2.5 fl oz.
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Accent Masque

Softens skin by neutralizing acid residues left by AHA, glycolic and other acids. The perfect sensitive masque. Formulated with essencial enzymes and nutrients. Also prepares skin for advanced treatments.

Contains flowers of oats and protein amino acids.  Accent Masque is real therapy for skin hardened by AHA's glycolilcs and other acid based products.  It helps raise skin pH to sofen skin, dissolves and draws out embedded topical products residues, and prepapres the skin for advancement into progressive Fanie masque treatment.
An aromatic powder, face and neck tightening and toning masque.  Its herbal enzyme formulation helps soften hardened skin while tightening tired skin. Its skin firming ingredients activate motor point sensations to lift skin as it stimulates vascular activity, naturally oxygenating the cell-producing skin layers that will continue to surface in time.
It is extremely gentle, yet very effective at lifting sagging skin aound jaw, neck and undereyes.  Its herbal formation gently hydrolzyes the dead topical skin cells and products less annoying "itching" as the masque dries, and less flushing after the masque is removed.
A great beginners mask to rid the skin of past acid residues from acid -contaiing skin care products, hardened by sun-damage or other environmental influences, or persons with sensitive skin.
How to use:
Use Accent Masque in the same way as other Fanie masques.  Cleanse with White Oak Skin Cleanser. Add one teaspoon or scoop of Accent Masque to an equal amount of Tru-Skin.  With a cosmetic brush  mix masque and Tru-Skin until it becomes a fluffy paste. Apply mixture in an upward and outward direction completely coving skin to be treated. You may use it on eye lids and skin around lips.  Let dry for 35 to 45 minutes or less until it drys and has a chance to do its work.   Rinse with plenty of warm water.  


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