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ASAP Liquid Skin Tightening Mask  4 oz
ASAP Liquid Skin Tightening Mask 7 oz.

ASAP Liquid Skin Tightening Mask 4 oz

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ASAP Liquid Skin Tightening Mask 7oz
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The Enzymes are perfect for acne, clogged pores a firmer complexion plus the anti-aging, firming benefits.

The A.S.A.P. Liquid Skin Tightening Lift is a reintroduction of the liquid masque. This product was designed for people on the go. Squeeze in a complete masque in 20 minutes or less. Already in liquid form, no measuring or mixing. Simply cleanse skin, apply masque, wait 15 minutes, thoroughly rinse.

FANIE's newest enzyme masque, developed in response to customer requests. FANIÉ reintroduces a liquid enzyme masque with a cool citrus herb enzyme skin lifting and more. This masque can be applied with your fingertips over the pre-cleansed skin, using the FANIÉ SWEET APPLE FOAMING BOTANICAL CLEANSER. Let this unique warming skin masque work for 15 minutes, and then flush off with warm water.

Now a faster version of the Masque One.  This is for in between to hold your results.  You still want to continue with Masque One for deep muscle massage and for more firming.  The new ASAP mask will work wonders in between.

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