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24Kt Gold and Pearl Peel Off Mask set of 6 Bio France Lab

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Bio France Lab 24Kt Gold and Pear Peell Off Mask, Set of 6
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Product Description

24 Kt GOLD Peel Off Masks set of 6 pouches  Collagen Alginate, Diatomeous Earth, Gold, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Calcium Sulfate, Pearl . The mask contains 100% natural pearl powder, which are formed of layers of the active substances conchiolin in form of highly laminate crystals,  which is important for the organism well being.  Conchiolin is a protein which is a source of amino acid and thereby essential for the metabolism and good health.  The pearl is know to reduce the appearance of fine lines and  firming, toning and illuminating the skin. This treatment revives dull skin and helps the skin retain moisture leaving it feeling smooth and radiant.

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