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24 Kt Gold Eye Serum  15mil  Bio France  Lab
24Kt Gold Serum Bio France Lab

24 Kt Gold Eye Serum 15mil Bio France Lab

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25 Kt Gold Eye Serum 15mil Bio France Lab
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24kt Gold Cream/ Serum. 15 ml 

24kt Gold Eye Serum 15ml The Gold Eye serum infused with Collagen stimulate the pores while firming the skin. Diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and uneven skin tone. Gently dab the area under the eye to apply the serum.The serum can be applied previous to the Peel of Mask to allow it to be absorbed during the facial process.It helps to refine, hydrate, lift and smooth the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.

 A Brightening Complex, which combines light diffusers with vitamins and minerals, fills in lines and wrinkles and provides instant luminosity, immediately wiping away signs of stress and fatigue. The rejuvenating action of extraordinary effective technology that helps to encourage youthful vitality and a radiant glow to the face has the same extraordinary effect on the eye zone.Gold improves skin elasticity, accelerates cell renewal and reverses oxidation damage.24K Gold:

 Under the influence of gold increases a higher amount of blood to treated skin tissues speeding up cellular processes and activating regeneration The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished with each treatment. Gold is well reputed for restoring the lost elasticity properties of the tissues, slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin.

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