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 Unveil SkinSations  2 fl oz Fanie
Unveil SkinSations Fanie

Unveil SkinSations 2 fl oz Fanie

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Unveil SkinSations 2 fl oz Fanie
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UnVeil SkinSation:
The most effective and proven, progessive, multi-action, skin "peel" solution available today.  It unveils healthy skin.  Effective exfoliant and pore reducing formula,  Its heat can be felt for a few minutes after application.
Discover dazzling skin with UNVEIL SKINSATION. Gentle enough for most sensitive skin, UNVEILSKINSATION helps dissolve and rinse dead surface cells from face, neck and extremities as it stimulates circulation for softer, tighter pores and smoother skin. See and feel what UNVEIL SKINSATION can do for you.
Who should use it?
Anyone wanting more vibrant, glowing skin.  For most skin types.  Can be used on Black and dark skin to even skin tone.  It helps relieve dull , dry surface skin cells, which give a ski a sallow appearance. Oily problem skin also benefits from the treatment.  Beneficial in treating uneven skin tones.

Dark Circles

Unveil Skinsation product containing a temporary heat sensation for a few minutes helps lighten the darkness naturally due to the detoxifying effect that takes place within this sensitive delicate skin, coursing blood circulation to take place and with the natural oxygen from within the skin to help the skin to appear lighter, tighter besides youthful and healthy.

After 15 minutes using one of our enzyme skin masque, applied close to the eyes and on the eye lids carefully to help tighten and tone the skin progressively. Our specialized skin masques are constrictors, not dilators and do not puff the skin.
If you have been using Glycolic Acid, AHA or other acid treatments, Do not use this until you give you skin a break.
Use 2 to 3 times per week as needed.  Cleanse face and neck with White Oak Skin Cleanser.  Apply a thin film of SkinSations and leave on for 15 minutes.  You will feel a light warm, tingling sensation or red flushing. This works to activate surface circulatlion.  Rinse. 
You may do more with this treatment, but I will only tell you after you have gotten accustomed to the product.

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