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 Liquid Sponge For Clogged Pores  1 fl oz.
Liquid Sponge Sponge

Liquid Sponge For Clogged Pores 1 fl oz.

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Liquid Sponge For Clogged Pores 1 fl oz.
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Liquid Sponge
Helps Clear out clogged pores as it  controls skin oils, shrinking enlarged, elongated pores, and blackheads.For clean, tight, refined pores.
LIQUID SPONGE soaks up and dissolves hardened, problem-causing oils and helps clear clogged pores. Highly concentrated - use once or twice weekly to help retain a fresh, clean complexion.
No need to steam, squeeze or pinch the sensitive skin problem.  Helping cut down on pigmentation.
How to Us It:
Use White Oak Cleanser, rinse the skin with warm water getting ready for use.  Apply a light film of Liquid Sponge to oily and clogged pore skin areas only, adding warm water with the fingertips continuing as you use circular motions for 2 or 3 minutes.  Then rinse.  Do not squeeze.  Use one to 3 times weekly

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