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 Body Brush   Karin Herzog
Body Brush Karin Herzog

Body Brush Karin Herzog

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Body Brush Karin Herzog
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Oxygen Body for Use with Karin Herzog Body Products

Karin Herzog’s unique formulations contain stabilized, active oxygen that reacts upon contact with the skin. Therefore, all Karin Herzog treatments containing active oxygen must be applied without massaging, with a brush for best results.

 Because the stabilized oxygen reaction is almost immediate upon skin contact, the use of the brush is essential for all oxygen treatments to work properly and most effectively. This will avoid the active oxygen being absorbed by the fingertips rather than the targeted area of application.

*Active oxygen can be released directly on targeted area. The water and oxygen can be fully absorbed by the desired area of skin—unleashing its powerful benefits—and not discarded by incorrect application or by being absorbed through the fingertips.

*The brush allows for more economical use of treatments. Using the brush will ensure that only the specified amount is applied, hence products will last longer.

 *The brush allows for a more hygienic application of treatments.

 *Professional application provides a moment of indulgence, even at home.

* For ease of application, briefly moisten the brush under running water, as this will make spreading the treatment easier. After use, repeat this quick rinse.

* As oxygen is highly antiseptic, one does not have to worry about the brush being compromised. The oxygen in the treatments disinfects the brush with each use

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