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Cleansing Kabuki Brush, Osmosis
Cleansing Kabuki Brush by Osmosis. Cleansing Kabuki Brush for deeper cleasing and facial massage. Synthetic Bristles infused with detoxifying charcoal for anti-bacterial properties
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Epic Duo Skin Tool. Osmosis
Epic Duo Skin Tool. The best of both worlds. The Epic Tool and not the Gua Sha is part of it. It makes for an exciting tool for younger skin.
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Hand & Nail, Oxygen Cream for Hands, Karin Herzog
Karin Herzog Hand & Nail Oxygen Cream for the hands. Hydrating, nail strengthener and Sanitizer in one.
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Hydrating Cellulosic Masks 5 Pack,  Saian
Hydrating Cellulosic Masks by Saian. This gentle cellulosic mask replenishes the skin's moisture levels with hyaluronic acid, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Argireline.
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Perfection, Pigment Corrector, Osmosis
Perfection, Osmosis Perfection’s duo formulas fade dark spots and brighten skin by using tyrosinase inhibitors to reduce the production of melanin in the skin and natural brighteners reveal a more even complexion
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Resurfacing Serum, PCA Skin
Resurfacing Serum, PCA Skin, Gently exfoliate dull skin and other imperfections for a radiant-looking complexion. This multi-tasking serum simultaneously resurfaces, calms, and hydrates the skin
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Suntegrity Milky Mineral Sun Serum Spray, Broad Spectrum SPF 50
Suntegrity Milky Mineral Sun Serum Spray, Broad Spectrum Spf 50. A multi-tasking mineral sunscreen & skin serum all wrapped into one convenient spray.
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Voila Finishing Loose Powder
Voila Finishing Loose Powder, Osmosis. Offered in 3 shades to accommodate multiple skin tones, your skin will look luminous and flawless whether applying after powder or liquid foundation, Voilà!
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Voila Finishing Powder Translucent,Osmosis
Voila Finishing Powder, Osmosis for beautiful luminous and flawless looking skin
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Watermelon, Refreshing & Moisturizing, Karin Herzog
Watermellon, Karin Herzog. Refreshing cream with 1% active oxygen and watermelon fragrance.
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JoElla Milan Skin Care


Amazing Testimonial For Capture Youth Water

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/31/2020
  Amazing Testimonial For  Capture Youth Water.   I sell this as an anti-aging product only.
  Even though the healing properties are amazing, I do not talk or advertise this.   I have seen so many
  miracles from  Capture Youth Water

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LeMieux Eye and Lip Cream Tips

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/19/2020

LeMIeux Eye and Lip Cream   This rich, peptide-infused concentrate is specially formulated to increase firmness around the eyes and lips, while improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Features 3
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New Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Set, Osmosis=Beauty

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/19/2020

The Osmosis Beauty Rose Quartz Roller and Gu Sha Set is beautiful. The price is excellent too. Perfect for yourself or as a gift
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