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Blossom Buddies, Le Mieux Cosmetics
Blossom Buddies, Le Mieux Cosmetics. Energizing Yuzu Blossom Body Wash and cheery Lemon Blossom Body Cream revitalize and soften skin, while subtle citrus aromas uplift the senses.
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Dual Foundation Brush, Osmosis
Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush, Use for liquid or cream foundation on one end and buffing and blending on the other end.
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Even-Out Pigment Blaster Pigment Corrector, Martinni
Evem out pigment blaster pigment corrector by Martinni Brauty removes dead skin cells and the skin clear and hydated and smoothe
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Naturally Bright with CoQ10 & Natural Skin Brighteners
Naturally Bright with CoQ10 by Rena Levi to brighten and skin and reduce wrinkles. Amazing results.
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Osmosis Rescue MD
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Skin Pro 3 Galvanic Machine, Saian
Saian SkinPro 3’s two ionic modes—cleanse and nutrition provide a complete treatment— cleansing the face and product penetration. It is a unique Galvanic device for professional and home esthetic use.
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Vitamin C & Ultra Bright Advanced Jelly Peel Off Mask, Bio France Lab
The Vitamin C & Ultra White Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask, Bio France Lab is a Potent Brightening, Hyperpigmentation Treatment! It minimizes scarring while assisting in healing wounds with potent astringent action and emulsification.
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JoElla Milan Skin Care

New Rebranded Osmosis vs Osmosis MD, What is the Difference

New Rebranded Osmosis vs Osmosis MD, What is the Difference

Posted by Osmosis for JoElla Milan on 10/23/2023
Amidst the Osmosis rebrand, we understand that there might be some confusion, and we want to ensure you have access to this valuable and well-informed information. The "new" appearance across the Osmosis line is precisely that – A fresh look and logo. Rest assured, beneath this updated exterior, the core of our MD-grade products remains steadfast, ensuring the same level of professional excellence that you've always cherished.

 While some products have transitioned into our MD Advanced line, the quality, efficacy, and dedication to excellence that you've come to rely on remain unchanged. The MD Advanced product transition reflects our ongoing pursuit of innovation, introducing elevated ingredients that will require a consultation to ensure the best results tailored to your unique needs. Your confidence in our products and their performance is well-founded, and we're excited to continue this journey with you. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your Osmosis favorites as we are happy to assist! 
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Amazing Testimonial For Capture Youth Water

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/31/2020
  Amazing Testimonial For  Capture Youth Water.   I sell this as an anti-aging product only.
  Even though the healing properties are amazing, I do not talk or advertise this.   I have seen so many
  miracles from  Capture Youth Water

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LeMieux Eye and Lip Cream Tips

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/19/2020

LeMIeux Eye and Lip Cream   This rich, peptide-infused concentrate is specially formulated to increase firmness around the eyes and lips, while improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Features 3
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