Rewards Program

My Rewards program is excellent for my clients. It is revised since I am offering  excellent prices on my website. 

For every dollar spent, you will receive 0.25 point.  For each 50 points, you will receive a gift certificate for $5.00.  The limit for each purchase is 50 points or $5.00 Only 1 Rewards Certificate per purchase

When you log in, you will see your rewards points. You need to redeem them before you continue with your purchase. 

 The gift certificate is issued when you press the redeem button on your account.  It will show how many points you have. You then click on the gift certificate that matches your points.  Click on redeem.   Only one per purchase.

You will then receive an email with your gift certificate code.  Apply the code in the coupon code at checkout and the amount is credited on your purchase. Example code GC11234 is the number you apply.  Be sure to see the gift certificate in your summary before checking out.  Once you see it, that is all you need.   It does not show up on your final invoice as it is the same as cash.

If you return a product, that amount will be deducted from your points. 

You may not use your points in conjunction with other offers.
Only product discounts, not JoElla Bucks.

Rewards points are the same as if someone gave you a gift certificate.  You may only use the points in the manner in which they are intended.  On your invoice they show up as a part of your payment amount.  It is not a discount. 

If you forget to use your points on a purchase, you will need to wait for your next purchase.  Points may not be applied after a transaction is finalized.

Point percentage may be changed at any time or discontinued.  If you close your account, all points are closed and not redeemable.  

At the end of each year.  All outstanding unused rewards are deleted.